Allison, Baird & Sehl, P.C.  
Typical Surveys Required for Single Family Home Development

 Boundary Survey 
 Locating and marking or setting all corners with steel pins or rods.
 Topographic Survey  Shows grades and existing improvements on lot.
 Chesapeake Bay Protection Act Site Plan (CBPA)   Taking information from the boundary and topographic survey we would create the CBPA site plan. Using your house plans we would set the house on the lot while showing the proposed grading for the site. It would also show limits of clearing, proposed sanitary sewer location, water service location, proposed driveway location, and erosion and sediment control.
 House Stake Out  Provide 4 offset hubs to the "big rectangle" of the house and provide cut of fill to the first floor finish floor. This will insure house is located on the lot in the correct location.
 Brick Nails   Provide brick nails at all house corners or specific corners as designated.
 Wall Check Survey  Locate foundation walls on new construction, normally required for a construction draw from lending institutions.
 Flood Elevation Certificate  Provide a certificate of elevation with information necessary to ensure compliance with community flood plain management ordinances, to determine the proper insurances premium rate

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