Allison, Baird & Sehl, P.C.  
Land Surveying

The Professional Land Surveyor renders a highly technical and complex service. 

The "practice of land surveying" includes surveying of areas for a determination or correction, a description, the establishment or reestablishment of internal and external land boundaries, or the determination of topography, contours or location of physical improvements, and also includes the planning of land and subdivisions thereof. The term "planning of land and subdivisions thereof" shall include, but not be limited to, the preparation of incidental plans and profiles for roads, streets and sidewalks, grading, drainage on the surface, culverts and erosion control measures, with reference to existing state or local standards as defined by section 54.1-400 of the Code of Virginia. 

The services of a Land Surveyor today will cost less in time, money and worry than the cost of moving improvements, paying penalties or defending a lawsuit later.

Allison, Baird & Sehl, PC is known for:

  • On schedule completion.
  • Final product exceeding expectations.
  • Honesty, integrity, and great value.
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